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Covid-19 Statements - IEEE-CAVS 2020


Due to the current overwhelming demand for virtual conferences, our virtual platform will not be ready in time to launch the conference as scheduled.  Therefore, we have no choice but to delay our conference’s launch date till 18 November 2020, and it will run for four consecutive weeks.

Dedicated links to upload your paper and a new deadline for that upload should be provided in early October.  Therefore, if you are not the person who will be presenting and managing the presentation of the paper(s) you uploaded, then you need to contact me and provide the name and email for the individual presenting the paper(s).  Please do this as soon as possible.

We are excited about our virtual platform and the experience it will provide. The actions we have taken are simply to ensure the quality of the conference and to enhance delegate participation.

Please be watching your email and the conference website for more information and instructions.  Thank you.



Hello IEEE-CAVS Delegate,

Given the continued negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the VTS Board of Governors has made the decision to convert the upcoming VTC / CAVS originally planned for Victoria into a fully virtual event. While it was hoped that the global crisis would be brought more under control by this time, the virus continues to pose a substantial risk to all. Restrictions for British Columbia still discourage tourist travel and require 14-day quarantines upon arrival. The conference center has also closed its doors to our conference, making a virtual event the only possibility.

As a current registrant for IEEE-CAVS, please take note of the following information regarding necessary updates:

  • The conference will take place as an on-demand, fully virtual event starting 4 October and remain open until 30 November.
  • Only registrants will have access to the virtual conference.
  • All authors will be required to complete a pre-recorded presentation of their paper(s) and instructions are attached.
  • All authors will also be required to upload their pre-recorded presentation(s) to the chosen platform with details and deadlines forthcoming once the virtual platform is completed.
  • Tutorials will be offered for free to each delegate during the entirety of the conference. Anyone who has already paid for a tutorial will be refunded the cost of their tutorial selection(s).
  • Delegates who registered for additional social functions or extra copies of the proceedings will be refunded for these additional items.
  • Current delegates will receive a partial refund equal to 50% of their registration fees, not inclusive of any imposed banking charges such as wire transfer fees. These refunds will be processed automatically but will take time to complete, so please be patient.
  • Delegates from the spring VTC who transferred a registration to the fall VTC should contact the Conference Administrators to confirm registration status and to determine any appropriate spring conference refund.
  • Any non-author registration can be cancelled without penalty until 31 August.

Tutorials, workshops, keynotes, awards, and technical sessions are still planned and expected to be available to delegates. Question and answer interactions will be made possible by the ON24 platform, through which authors, presenters, and delegates are expected to monitor and engage.

Should you have any questions, feel free to email the Conference Administrators, Rodney Keele or Cerry Leffler, for assistance.

I look forward to meeting you virtually as well as in person once the future allows.

May you and your families remain safe and healthy.

Kind regards,

Professor J. R. Cruz
Director and Tilley Chair
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Oklahoma



COVID-19 update: 14 May 2020

Due to the wide extent of the impact from the COCID-19, the Vehicular Technology Society will be relaxing its standard requirements for onsite presentation of papers for authors whose travel is adversely affected by the outbreak. In support of all authors, the following will now suffice for assuring paper publication in order of preference:

1) onsite presentation by first author or coauthor, or…
2) onsite presentation by a qualified substitute, or…
3) submission of a prerecorded presentation by first author, or a co-author, or both for authors whose travel is adversely affected by the outbreak.

Further details about Option (3) will be forthcoming. Please note that it is the intention to be flexible and helpful to everyone during this time of difficulty.

VTS is fully supportive of IEEE’s mission statement and we wish you and all people success in dealing with any local challenges you may be facing.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the conference administrators.

And last but not least, we wish you and your families well!


Covid-19 Update: 2-25-2020

Update: COVID-19 Notices – From IEEE

Please know that our thoughts are with those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.
The health and safety of our members and participants are our first priority.  We are closely monitoring any specific travel advisories through official channels which include the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Canadian government.

Before traveling to the conference, we recommend that you stay informed of any information your local health agencies may make available and take reasonable precautions to protect yourself.    IEEE continues to closely monitor this dynamic situation and will provide updates with any developments.

The health and safety of attendees is our top priority and therefore the following proactive tips are being taken to maintain a safe and healthy environment at VTC2020-Fall:

  • We are committed to following regional jurisdiction guidelines and rules in maintaining a safe environment for our attendees. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines are located here.
  • We are working closely with the Victoria Convention Center, Victoria, Canada and surrounding venues hosting official VTC2020-Fall programming to ensure there are sufficient medical processes in place and sanitation products readily available.
  • We are supporting individuals who may be unable to travel to Victoria from affected regions
  • We will continue to provide timely WHO and other relevant updates to registered attendees throughout the conference as may be needed.