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Joe LaChapelle - IEEE-CAVS 2020

Joe LaChapelle

Vice President, Research & Development

Title: Cooperative Perception – Market and System Design Considerations

Abstract: Cooperative perception promises significant opportunity to optimize performance, functional safety (FuSa) and safety of the intended functionality (SOTIF) in autonomous navigation. System level architecture choices will mitigate the adoption and proliferation of cooperative perception into the OEM automotive market. Existing automotive ecosystem dynamics will significantly inform the requisite component module boundaries, interfaces, and data standards for threshold efficacy. This presentation will explore the ecosystem dynamics and propose architecture theory to minimize barrier to entry of cooperative perception into the ADAS and self-driving market.

Biography: Joe LaChapelle is responsible for the development and creation of next generation
technologies for Luminar’s autonomous vehicle perception systems. Throughout
his career, Joe has held leadership positions in photonics companies ranging
from executive management, engineering management and R&D. He has
co-founded multiple startups related to the development and sale of LiDAR,
lasers and detector technologies. In the early 2000’s, he co-founded Deep
Photonics and served as CEO for five years. LaChapelle holds more than 30 U.S.
and international patents in optics technologies and earned a B.S. degree in
Engineering Physics from Oregon State University.