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Prashant Tiwari - IEEE-CAVS 2020

Prashant Tiwari

General Manager, Intelligent Connected Systems Division

Title: CAV Enabling Mobility Services Opportunities


Abstract: The transportation industry currently is undergoing a huge transition – estimated by some to be the biggest transformation in its history. Vehicles are increasingly being equipped with embedded connectivity and automated technologies and Automotive Edge Computing Consortium (AECC) predicts that by 2025 CAV market will be $150B with more that 100 million CAV on the road. This has enabled several Mobility as a Service (MaaS) opportunities. Analysts indicate that connected car capabilities already influence 6 out of 10 vehicle purchases, giving vehicle manufacturers the ability to open new revenue streams, diversify core activities, and improve profit margins by selling software and connected services. Processing the big data from connected vehicles is one of the big challenges all automakers are currently facing. But these challenges also provide opportunities to build hyper connected cyber-physical systems (also called Digital Twin) with several interesting use cases like personalized intelligent driving and smart traffic management using CAVs.


Biography:  Dr. Prashant Tiwari is the general manager of Intelligent Connected Systems (ICS) Division at Toyota InfoTech Labs, Mountain View, CA. Dr. Tiwari’s Division is responsible for performing applied research for future connected technologies with focus on car-to-car, car-to-edge and car-to-cloud connectivity on an end-to-end basis and building Toyota’s next generation mobility service platform and edge computing capability. Dr. Tiwari holds MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business, PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Masters from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Dr. Tiwari has published several papers and filed several patents and also highly active in Automotive Edge Computing Consortium (AECC) and SAE. Prior to joining Toyota, Dr. Tiwari held several leadership positions of increasing responsibilities at GE & UTC. In his last role with GE, Dr. Tiwari served as Senior Director at GE Aviation Digital. Prior to joining Toyota, Dr. Tiwari held Executive position and led the Embedded Systems & Integrated Project Teams for UTC Aerospace Systems.