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IEEE VTS Motor Vehicles Challenge 2020 - VPPC 2020

The Vehicular Technology Society is proud to launch the IEEE VTS Motor Vehicles Challenge 2020: Energy Management of a Fuel Cell/Ultracapacitor/Lead-Acid Battery Hybrid Electric Vehicle.

In October 2016, a first international challenge devoted to the energy management of a fuel cell/battery vehicle was launched during the 2016 IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (50 participants from 14 countries). Following the success of this first initiative, IEEE VTS and US DOE Argonne National Laboratory has proposed a second challenge focused on the energy management of a Range Extender Electric Vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt (98 participants from 19 countries). The third edition, organized by the SNCF (the French railway company), focused on a dual mode locomotive received solutions from 101 participants from 15 countries.

Today, we are very proud to bring a new challenge. The fourth edition of the challenge is focused on the heavy hybrid vehicle ECCE. ECCE is a modular-mobile laboratory used to evaluate under real conditions electric components of Hybrid Electrical Vehicles. ECCE vehicle is owned by Univ. Bourgogne Franche-Comte and operated by FEMTO-ST and FCLAB research labs. For the challenge, ECCE is powered by a 30kW PEM fuel cell, 540 V 16 F ultracapacitors and a 540V battery pack. The FC, the UC and the traction motors are connected to a 540 DC bus via power converters and the battery is directly connected to the DC bus

The challenge is to propose an Energy Management Strategy (EMS) to reduce the hydrogen consumption and to increase the lifetime of energy sources of ECCE. In this way, a validated vehicle model and control will be provided to the challenge participants.

The top scoring participants will be distinguished and invited to present their results in a special session at the 2020 IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC) in Gijón, Spain.

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• a validated model and control of a fuel cell/ultracapacitors/ batteries vehicle
• a first performant energy management

Important dates:
• December 15th 2019: closing date for registration, you can start to work right now! The participation is free!
• February 8th 2020: Energy Management Strategy submission deadline
• February 29th 2020: Results

The challenge is open to everyone (academics, students, industrials, etc). Participation to the challenge is free. However, only the VTS members at the moment of the registration will opt to receive the awards:

• First prize: $3500 grant to attend the IEEE Vehicular Power & Propulsion Conference 2020 in Gijón (Spain)
• Second prize $1500 grant to attend the IEEE Vehicular Power & Propulsion Conference 2020 in Gijón (Spain)

Compete with the best teams from around the world!

All the technical and practical information are available on:

Best regards,
The Challenge Committee.
Prof. Javier Solano, Prof. Samir Jemeï, Prof. Loïc Boulon, Prof. Luis Silva, Prof. Daniel Hissel and Prof. Marie-Cécile Péra