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Gijón, Spain - VPPC 2020


Gijón is a city open to the sea, modern and welcoming.

Historically, it has witnessed Roman settlements (with the Termas and Villa de Veranes as examples), as well as the contribution to the Spanish Enlightenment thanks to G.M. de Jovellanos, its most illustrious citizen, who promoted the development of Gijón in the Modern Era.

Gijón, always linked to metallurgy, coal, industry and fishing, looks to the future through science, art and sustainability. From its urban beaches to the Botanical Garden, Gijón is a natural destination to enjoy its many green spaces. It is also a city with a frenetic cultural activity, always counting with the support of its inhabitants in all kinds of events throughout the year (ranging from traditional culture to the most avant-garde art).

The city, crowned by the old quarter of Cimadevilla, has all the equipment that the visitor may need, with modern hotels and excellent restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine.

Nothing is very big in Gijón, it’s just perfect to offer the visitor the possibility of living the city as one more inhabitant.  Want to know more about Gijon, visit our tourism website –

Welcome to Gijón.


Gijón is a lovely place and the bigest city in the Principality of Asturias, but this northern spanish region has much more to enjoy (see some more tourist atractions at local resources section). 

Want to know more about Asturias, please visit our site at:

>Asturias, metropolitan


32 km from Gijón it is located the Capital of Asturias. Monastic, regal and Jacobean, lighthouse of Cristianity in the Late Middle Ages, whic still treasures among its relics a universal reference: the Holy Shroud.


26 km from Gijón, the third town in the región, by population, it is living a reconversión from its strength as an industrial place to become a modern town, with Niemeyer Center as an internatioanl reference in arts and culture.


>Asturias, Natural Paradise

Facing the sea


52 km from Gijón it is located this cozy fishing village. Its natural amphitheatre makes it one of the most famous, admired and photographed fishing towns in Northern Spain.

We could mention some others likes Lastres, Luarca, Puerto de Vega… all of them worthy visiting.



One thing Asturians are proud of is their region’s nature: its mysterious forests and coastline left unscathed by the whirlwind of property developments, its salmon rivers and steep mountains, ideal for rock climbers and hikers. Arising from this pride is a magnificent conservation that has led to more than a third of Asturias’ territory being declared as national and international protected áreas and the best-preserved coastline in Spain.

The only way to understand this passion for nature is to experience it. A perfect begin would be a walk by the 7 UNESCO-listed Biosphere Reserves in the Principality.

Image’s credits: Gijón Turismo