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Local Resources - VPPC 2021
Top 9 in Gijón

Source – Local Arrangements Committee
Alphabetical Order

As De Picas

The restaurant is located in the very center of Gijón, as one of the fundamental pillars of the Asturias Casino.

As de Picas cuisine is known for creating new recipes while, at the same time, preserving traditional flavors. Its seasonal menu, made with the highest-quality dishes and products, is accompanied by the most elaborate set menu in the entire city.

In its modern circular dining room, which has a capacity for fifty people, the small details, decoration and lighting provide a serene, neutral and elegant feel, a quiet atmosphere that makes it the ideal location for celebrations or business meals.

Adress: Calle Padilla, 1, 33205 Gijón
Telephone: +34 985 35 11 11



Restaurante Auga (awarded with one Michelin Star and two Repsol Suns), modern and inspiring market cuisine. A gastronomic experience in a unique setting. Humbleness, emotion, and dedication are our hallmarks.

On the menu classic favourites, representative of Gonzalo Pañeda’s cuisine are juxtaposed with new inspirations based on current seasonal offerings. Antonio Pérez, Sommelier and Maître D’, ensures that our prestigious cuisine is always complimented by the finest wines.

Adress:  Calle de Claudio Alvargonzález, s/n, 33201 Gijón
Telephone: +34 985 16 81 86



Ciudadela Restaurant, located in the center of Gijón next to San Lorenzo’s beach,  offers a very up-to-date traditional cuisine, the best service and such a cozy atmosphere. The kitchen gives off innovative gastronomic tendencies always respecting the regional tradition based on the quality of the raw material and the flavors. The restaurant surprises you with its uniqueness, representing the gallery of a cave dug in the rock.

Adress:  Calle Capua, 7, 33202 Gijón
Telephone: +34 985 34 77 32



Farragua, located close to city hall square, is a very personal restaurant with a young and experienced team that stands out for the passion about their job. This passion is reflected in both their dishes and the very professional way they treat their customers. A charming restaurant with a lot of enthusiasm behind each person of the team.

Adress:  Calle de Claudio Alvargonzález, s/n, 33201 Gijón
Telephone: +34 985 16 81 86


La Galana

La Galana is a modern sidrería (cider house), located in Plaza Mayor (City Hall square). This place offers a nice, warm and traditional atmosphere.

Regarding to their cooking, La Galana is focused on asturian products, always based in his traditional roots.

The place, cider and staff makes this restaurant a reference in the city.

Adress:  Plaza Mayor, 10, 33201 Gijón
Telephone: +34 985 17 24 29


La Salgar

The restaurant, awarded with one Michelin Star and one Repsol Sun, is located looking at the the unique surroundings of the “Pueblo de Asturias Folk Museum”. It offers a sophisticated and urban dining room, enchanting views to the Asturian etnography of the Museum and a traditional but modern cuisine that will make your visit a great experience.

Adress: Paseo Dr. Fleming, 887, 33203 Gijón
Telephone: +34 985 331 155


Tierra Astur

Tierra Astur Poniente is one of the most popular grills in Gijón. Well known for the quality of its meats and grilled fish, as well as the decoration of this cider house open all year.

The location of the cider house makes it one of the Gijón’s closest restaurants to the beachfront. Furthermore,you will find one of the best cachopos, a popular dish in the Asturian gastronomy made with two large beef steaks filled with serrano ham and cheese. Traditional asturian cuisine and Poniente beach meet in this unique restaurant.

Adress: Calle de Mariano Pola, 10, 33212 Gijón
Telephone: +34 985 32 74 48



Crespo opened its doors for the first time in 1994. A cozy, comfortable marine style restaurant, with attention to detail, provides to costumers a menu in permanent renovation and always accommodated to the best of each season.

Adress: Calle Periodista Adeflor, 3, 33205 Gijón
Telephone: +34 985 34 75 34


Varsovia Cocktail Bar

Probably the best cocktail bar in the city, it is located in one of the most emblematic buildings of Gijón, in a modernist construction covered with Art Deco frescoes, and with a fabulous view of the bay of San Lorenzo, Varsovia is a privileged enclave to enjoy a coffee  or a late night cocktail

Adress:  Calle Cabrales, 18, 33201 Gijón
Telephone: +34 984 19 68 42


Top 9 in Gijón

Source: The Local Organizing Committee

Cerro Santa Catalina-Elogio del horizonte

At the top of Cimadevilla, crowning Santa Catalina Hill and facing the Cantabrian Sea, we can see the monumental sculpture “Eulogy of the Horizon”, raised there by the artist Eduardo Chillida in 1990. After a beginning where the sculpture had not the popular approval, it has become in an icon of Gijón.

Photo: Gijón Turismo



The neighbourhood of Cimadevilla, the old quarter, concentrates a good number of local monuments such as Revillagigedo Palace, the Collegiate Church of San Juan Bautista (St. John the Baptist) and the chapels of La Soledad (Solitude) and Los Remedios (The Remedies). Next to this last building is to be found the Birthplace of Jovellanos, a typically Asturian mansion dating from the 15th century.

 Photo: Gijón Turismo


San Lorenzo’s beach

This crescent-shaped beach is the largest, most historic and emblematic in Gijón. It is located within the city itself, very near the centre. It is separated from Poniente beach by the Cimadevilla neighbourhood. It is bordered by a very busy promenade known as El Muro (The Wall), which is almost three kilometres long and goes from the church of San Pedro to Mayán de Tierra.


Before Romans : Campa Torres

Campa Torres Archaeological and Nature Park occupies 50,000 square metres of coastline in the borough of Gijón, representing the most ancient witness of Gijón’s history.

The site occupies the western tip of Cape Torres and can be divided into two sectors. The higher one corresponds to defensive structures, a ditch carved into the rock, an outer ditch and the wall.

In the lower area, the settlement is distributed in mostly rectangular stone dwellings with several rooms paved with small pebbles.

Photo: Gijón Turismo


Roman heritage

Gijón retains remains of its Roman past. The most prominent are the “Termas Romanas” (Roman baths), located at the foot of the old quarter, facing San Lorenzo’s beach, and the “Villa Romana de Veranes” (Roman Villa of Veranes), on the outskirts of the city.

Termas Romanas de Campo Valdés is a museum sited on Roman baths that date from the Early Empire, considered one of the most important sites in northern Spain.


The archeological remains that can currently be visited at Veranes belong to a large villa-type establishment built during the Late Empire (4th century AD) over the remains of an Early Roman Empire agricultural estate of considerable importance. This large manor house remained in use up until the 5th century AD.

Photo: Gijón Turismo


Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens are organised in four major areas: The Cantabrian Environment, La Isla Garden, The Plant Factory and The Atlantic Circuit.

It has managed to combine its Atlantic location with a global, international vision, enabling it to merge a specific space rooted in this region of ours, in wich typical local species appear, with other, universal plants that must be present in any settings of this kind.

There are almost one hundred species of birds that gather around the gardens, creating a special atmosphere. It is a delightful place, constantly different depending on the season you visit them.

Photo: Jardín Botánico GIjón


Catedral de Oviedo

A Gothic cathedral that is located in the city of Oviedo (Capital of the Principality of Asturias). It is also known as Sancta Ovetensis, referring to the quality and quantity of the relics found within its walls.

Oviedo Cathedral has been one of the main destinations for pilgrims since yesteryear. Here, the Way of St. James began during the reign of the Pius King Alfonso II the Strong, hence the saying:

« Who goes to Santiago but not to Salvador, visits the servant but not the Lord »


Niemeyer Centre

Located in the town of Avilés, this large architectural complex beside Avilés Estuary is the only work by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer in Spain. Music, film, theatre, dance, exhibitions, gastronomy and the word feature in a multidisciplinary cultural programme with a common denominator: excellence. 



Covadonga combines a prodigious history, an abundant spirituality and unique nature. Indeed, this extraordinary reality was perfectly reflected in the Centenaries celebrated in 2018.

Namely in 2018, Asturias celebrated a unique triple celebration, centred around Covadonga and its vicinity. Coincidentally, three centenaries took place at once: that of the Coronation of the Virgen de Covadonga, the creation of the Montaña de Covadonga National Park and the 13th centenary of the rise of the Kingdom of Asturias. Three Covadongas in one: the historical, the spiritual and the natural, in an extraordinary combination which turns Asturias into a universal destination.

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