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Special Session #11: Fuel Cell Based Hybrid Systems - VPPC 2022

Special Session #11: Fuel Cell Based Hybrid Systems

Co-Organizer: Nadia Yousfi Steiner, UBFC, France
Yash Raka, SINTEF, Norway

Call For Papers

When it comes to modelling of a hybrid system, many aspects are to be considered. First, the scale (component, stack, BoP or hybrid system) and then the approach (physics-based modelling, data-based or both) and finally, the purpose of the study (ageing, faults, energy management, hardware in the loop (HiL), etc. This special session deals with simulation of fuel cell based hybrid systems of different applications such as road mobility (e.g., light duty and heavy duty vehicles, railway, maritime and aeronautic.).

The organizers are involved in the development of an open-source platform for simulation of hybrid systems with X-in-the-loop capabilities in the framework of the EU project VIRTUAL-FCS. The developed platform, called VirtualFCS aims to design and optimize PEM fuel cells and battery hybrid systems, and utilizes the OpenModelica modeling environment and is entirely open source, allowing everyone in both industry and research to benefit from it and contribute to its future development. The objective during this special session, is to gather academics and industry actors involved in FC based hybrid systems and foster the technical and scientific exchanges around these topics. State-of-the-art, fundamentals and development of Hybrid systems modelling will be discussed.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
– Modeling and simulation of hybrid fuel cell systems.
– X-in-the-loop.
– Degradation of batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cell stack and Balance of Plant.
– Diagnosis, prognosis, and energy management.
– Applications to different mobility applications (e.g., light duty and heavy-duty vehicles, railway, maritime and aerial).


Nadia Yousfi Steiner

Bio: Nadia Yousfi Steiner is a full professor at the UBFC. She received a master’s degree in mathematics, a master’s degrees in Fluidics and Energetics in 2006 and a PhD in Engineering Science at uFC and the European Institute for Energy Researc EIFER in Germany in 2009. From 2009 to 2014, she worked as R&D Project Manager at EIFER, in charge of collaborative projects on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells. Her main research activity is linked to Fuel Cell systems characterization diagnostics, prognostics, and fault tolerant control.


Yash Raka

Bio: Dr. Yash Raka received his doctoral degree from NTNU, Norway, and graduated from TU Delft with a master’s degree in Sustainable energy technology in 2021 and 2017 respectively. Before his masters, he worked as an energy engineer for two years at Orange County Foundation, India.

Yash Raka is a Research Scientist at SINTEF. His work focuses on modelling for electrochemical energy systems and technoeconomic and environmental impact assessments for hybrid sustainable energy systems.


Submission Deadline EXTENDED: 30 May 2022
Acceptance notification: 11 July 2022
Final paper submission deadline: 8 August 2022

To submit a paper to this Special Session, please visit: