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Special Session #6: Vehicle Dynamics Control and State Estimation Techniques for Over-actuated Vehicles - VPPC 2022

Special Session #6: Vehicle Dynamics Control and State Estimation Techniques for Over-actuated Vehicles

Co-Organizer: Basilio Lenzo, University of Padova, Italy
Co-Organizer: Davide Tavernini, University of Surrey, UK
Co-Organizer: Edoardo Sabbioni, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Call for Papers

This special session focuses on vehicle control technologies, for both electric and internal combustion engine driven vehicles, and the state estimation techniques to support their implementation in real life. The attention is on multi-layer as well as integrated vehicle control strategies, targeting: i) reduction of energy consumption; ii) improvement of vehicle stability; iii) maximization of tractive performance; iv) enhancement of fun-to-drive, comfort and user acceptance. The session will cover vehicle topologies with electric powertrains and distributed motors, internal combustion engines and their combination. The adoption of smart actuators (e.g., active differentials, active suspensions, brake-by-wire, steer-by-wire) is also envisaged, and adds challenges in terms of controller integration and co-existence with other systems. The considered domains are optimization, modelling, numerical simulations, driver-in-the-loop simulations, estimation, real-time implementation and vehicle control. The session targets both human-driven and autonomous vehicles.


Basilio Lenzo

Bio:  Basilio Lenzo received the M.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering in 2010 (University of Pisa), and the Ph.D. degree in robotics in 2013 (Sant’Anna University). He was R&D Engineer at Ferrari F1 (2010). He is a tenure-track Senior Researcher with the University of Padua, Italy. He recently was a Fulbright Visiting Researcher with Stanford University (USA). His research interests are in the field of vehicle dynamics, control, and state estimation. He is editor and co-author of the Springer book “Vehicle dynamics: fundamentals and ultimate trends”.


Davide Tavernini

Bio: Davide Tavernini received the M.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering and Ph.D. degree in dynamics and design of mechanical systems from the University of Padova, Padua, Italy, in 2010 and 2014. During his Ph.D. he was part of the motorcycle dynamics research group. He is a Lecturer in advanced vehicle engineering with the University of Surrey, Guildford, U.K. His research interests include vehicle dynamics modeling, control and state estimation, mostly applied to electric vehicles with multiple motors.



Edoardo Sabbioni

Bio: Edoardo Sabbioni received the M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2002 and Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Systems Engineering in 2007 at Politecnico di Milano. He currently works as Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Politecnico di Milano. His main research activities are in the field of stability, dynamics and control of mechanical systems, with applications to road and rail vehicles. He was awarded with the best presentation award (“A new methodology for vehicle sideslip angle identification: comparison with experimental data”) at the 19th IAVSD Symposium (2005) and the best paper award (“Force and friction estimation based braking control algorithm for vehicles with electric motors”) at the 14th AVEC Symposium (2018). He is currently the director of the Politecnico di Milano 2nd level specializing master “R&D Excellence Next” powered by Pirelli.


Submission Deadline EXTENDED: 30 May 2022
Acceptance notification: 11 July 2022
Final paper submission deadline: 8 August 2022

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