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T3: Impact of EV Charging on Electrical Infrastructure: From Forecast to Analysis - VPPC 2022

T3: Impact of EV Charging on Electrical Infrastructure: From Forecast to Analysis

Organizer: Giambattista Gruosso

Abstract: In this tutorial, the main challenges of electric charging systems interfaced with electricity distribution networks will be analyzed.

The main areas of work and the main analysis and simulation techniques will be presented. Particular attention will be paid to the formalization of data-based techniques.

The points are:

-Problems and challenges of charging systems interfaced with electricity grids
-Data modeling and forecasting of charging requirements
-System simulations: impact on power flow and network congestion
-Component simulations: analysis of charging systems
-Excellent management of charging systems and integration with renewables.

Organizer bio:

Giambattista Gruosso: Giambattista Gruosso is associate professor at Politecnico di Milano. Since 2019 he holds the national “abilitazione” as a full professor.His main research interests include modeling, simulation, and electrical systems design, focusing on industrial automation, energy system, electric mobility and intelligent manufacturing systems He has 20 years of experience in research issues in electrical engineering and its links with ICT. For years he has been working on systems and components for Smart City, Smart Mobility and Smart Factory. In the last years, the research activity focuses on the digital transformation of the electrical systems and components and the modeling of traditional electrical systems integrated with their digital part. The core of its activities is the realization of Digital Twins of electrical systems using mixed techniques of Hardware in The Loop simulation to validate electrical architectures’ behavior integrated with digital systems of supervision, automation, and data collection. In particular, the activities of the laboratory concern the implementation of 4.0 technologies for electrical systems. He is director of Simlab4.0 on advance in the simulation of electrical systems.He is director of the master Digital Skills for industry 4.0.

He is co-chair of the IEEE IES Committee on Transportation Electrification. He is an active member of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society as co-chair of VPP committee.He was secretary of the Italian section of IEEE (2016- 2019), member of the local board of engineers (Milan). He is currently also scientific head of the technical area of MADE (competence center for Industry 4.0) He is IEEE senior member and actually he is Chair of the IEEE Italy Section HAC committee and Secretary of IEEE IES Italy section chapter. He is member of IEEE EPP working group in ICT.