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Modulation and Coding I - VTC2019-Spring

Modulation and Coding I

April 30, 2019
2:00 PM  -  3:30 PM
Starhill 7

Session Details:

Paper 1: A kind of Complementary Codes with Full-Diversity Gain over Frequency Selective Fading Channels

 Authors: Siyue Sun, Shanghai Engineering Center for Micro-satellites, China;Songling Lv, Shanghai Engineering Center for Micro-satellites, China;Feng Tian, Shanghai Engineering Center for Micro-satellites, China;Guang Liang, Shanghai Engineering Center for Micro-satellites, China; and Kun Wang, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, China

Paper 2: Codebook Based Precoding for Spatial Modulation

Authors: Essam Sourour, Prince Sattam Bin Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia

Paper 3: Combating Transmit Antenna and Channel Correlations in Spatial Modulation Using Signature Constellations

Authors: Mustafa F. Özkoç, Bogazici University, Turkey;Hikmet Sari, NUPT, China; and Mutlu Koca, Bogazici University, Turkey

Paper 4: Joint Estimation of Channel and IQ Imbalance in Media-based Modulation

Authors: Bharath Shamasundar, Indian Institute of Science, India; and Ananthanarayanan Chockalingam, Indian Institute of Science, India

Paper 5: Multistage Clustering based Automatic Modulation Classification

Authors: Lamia M. Kalam, National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India; and Lakshmi N. Theagarajan, Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad, India

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