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W6: Network-Assisted Collaborative Automated Driving - VTC2020-Fall Victoria

Paper Submission Deadline Extended to 19 June 2020

W6: Network-Assisted Collaborative Automated Driving

Organizer: Hongsheng Lu, Toyota Motor North America, InfoTech Labs, USA
Organizer: Rui Guo, Toyota Motor North America, InfoTech Labs, USA

Abstract: As cars become increasingly automated and connected, it is anticipated traveling will be safer and more efficient. However, the natural segregation of the two vehicle technology areas has been dragging our pace towards that goal. Vehicular communications, or V2X, which enable vehicles to exchange information in real time with each other and with other road participants in a range of a few hundreds of meters, offers opportunities to augment individual vehicles’ understanding of the environment and to cooperate with the traffic in a more cohesive manner. But its protocol design has largely been independent of actual automated/autonomous driving applications. On the other hand, vehicle automation, a domain used to leverage a vehicle’s own sensor suit to sense and operate, hasn’t gotten many algorithms to handle over the air input of different granularities regarding the environment. Novel cooperative automated driving applications leveraging V2X data are needed. This dedicated workshop concerns the most recent advancements in wireless communications, sensory technologies and information processing. It aims to advance solutions combing the power of wireless communications and traditional vehicle automation for a safer, more efficient automated/autonomous vehicle. Challenges, opportunities and benefits of performing research in this interdisciplinary domain will be analyzed and highlighted.
The workshop will invite distinguished speakers. It is expected to be interactive. The technical areas of the workshop include, but not limited to:
1) V2X communication protocol design, testing and evaluation
2) V2X assisted/enhanced applications
3) Vehicular cooperative sensory fusion
4) Cooperative automated driving, path planning and control
5) Network-augmented ADAS

Bio: Hongsheng Lu is a Principal Researcher in Toyota Motor North America InfoTech Labs. He works on connected and automated vehicle technology, with research interests focused on communication protocol design and sensor fusion. He is recognized for contribution to DSRC congestion control and vehicle to pedestrian communications. He represents Toyota in standard development organizations and industry groups including ETSI, C2C-CC and serves the vice chair of SAE V2X Core Technical Committee. Hongsheng Lu has a Ph.D degree from the University of Notre Dame (US).

Bio: Rui Guo is a Principal Researcher in Toyota Motor North America InfoTech Labs. His research interests include the cooperative automated driving in perception, mapping and control. His research on machine learning based hyperspectral signal processing received Best Paper Award and Best Student Paper Award in the top peer-review conferences. Rui Guo received Ph.D degree from University of Tennessee with the Chancellor’s Extraordinary Professional Promise Honor.

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