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Andreas Mueller - VTC2020-Spring Antwerp

Andreas Mueller

Head of Communication and Network Technology

Title: 5G for the Industrial IoT – What’s Next?

Abstract: After years of research and standardization, 5G finally has become a reality. While it starts in a rather evolutionary manner – supporting mainly established consumer applications – it is widely believed that its true economic potential lies in the many new application domains being addressed by 5G, such as manufacturing, automotive, agriculture or healthcare. In this respect, the Industrial IoT is particularly promising as 5G may unlock unprecedented degrees of flexibility, productivity, versatility and usability in industrial production. With 3GPP Release 16, many important aspects required for the Industrial IoT have already been addressed, such as ultra-reliable low-latency communication, native support for LAN services, time-sensitive communication or non-public networks. Therefore, the research community should increasingly focus on the further evolution of 5G on the way to 6G. This keynote will give an overview of some of the remaining challenges in the context of 5G for the Industrial IoT and outline various directions for further improvements. This includes aspects like AI/ML for communications, a more holistic joint optimization of the communication system and the actual applications, new approaches to network management and finally the utilization of even higher frequency bands up to THz communication.

Biography: Dr. Andreas Mueller is the Head of Communication and Network Technology in the Corporate Research Department of Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart, Germany. In addition to that, he is coordinating the industrial 5G activities of Bosch across the different business units. Andreas also serves as Chairman of the Board of the “5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation” (5G-ACIA), which has been established in order to make sure that 5G for the industrial domain becomes a success. This is done by providing a global forum for discussing related technical, regulatory and business aspects and by bringing all relevant stakeholders together. Andreas holds a German Diploma degree in Electrical Engineering as well as a M.Sc. degree in Information Technology, both from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Furthermore, he received a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the same university (with distinction). His Ph.D. research has focused on wireless communications and particular the further development of 4G LTE towards LTE-Advanced. During this time, he also had two extended stays as a visiting researcher at the City University of Hong Kong. In 2010, he joined Rohde & Schwarz as a Systems Engineer, developing a novel software-defined radio-based communication system for the German Armed Forces. Since 2011, he has been with Bosch in various roles, always dealing with research and innovation activities. Andreas is a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences and events, an advisor to various Federal Ministries, organizations and start-ups and has been one of the early pioneers of industrial 5G.