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Miguel Dajer - VTC2020-Spring Antwerp

Miguel Dajer

Director, New Jersey R&D Center, and Vice President, US Wireless Research

Keynote Title: What is Beyond 5G?

Abstract: Researchers have already turned their attention to what’s coming beyond the current 5G standards and have started to present visions and challenges driven by perceived deficiencies of the current 5G system and by the need to continue to advance the types of services and solutions that humanity needs over the next decade.  In this talk we argue that 6G will be about Cyber-Physical Systems  and the need for some fundamental changes in how we approach research by increasing the dimensionality of the solutions, and focusing not just on communications research,  but as important, on other non-traditional domains  needed to achieve this vision.

Bio: Miguel A. Dajer is a veteran of the telecomm industry having spent the last 30+ years working in different wireless technologies at Bell Laboratories, Lucent, Alcatel-Lucent and Futurewei.

Mr. Dajer is currently the USA wireless R&D VP for Futurewei Technologies and Director or the Futurewei’s  NJ Research Center.  Mr. Dajer worked at Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies and Alcatel Lucent for the 25 years prior to joining Futurewei Technologies.   During his tenure at the wireless labs he occupied several key positions in Radio Access Network Hardware and Software product development and life cycle management, basestation platform development, systems engineering and architecture and technology introduction of wireless products.

Since joining Futurewei, Mr. Dajer has worked towards establishing a strong wireless solutions presence in North America along with innovation and technology labs that supports the company’s future technology vision.  His lab research focuses on wireless technologies standardization as well as fundamental research on next generation wireless systems beyond 5G (B5G) including network architectures for the support of massive connectivity, high bandwidth and delay sensitive applications, fundamental technologies to enable these solutions, including signal processing, antenna systems, novel approaches to modem implementation for B5G and the role of big data and machine learning on wireless communication.