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Muriel Desaeger - VTC2020-Spring Antwerp

Muriel Desaeger

Technical General Manager of Technology Trend Analysis

Title: Envisioning Smart Mobility Society in the Connected Future

Abstract: The automotive industry is changing faster today than it has in 100 years and must reconsider what our society and customers expect from us – as automotive companies. It is not only a shift from a car manufacturing & sales company to a mobility company but also a convergence of electrification, connectivity and artificial intelligence. With these exciting advances, it is our mission to provide new mobility society. The main objectives of this session are: (1) the current state of vehicle connectivity, showing connected vehicles in major regions and how to utilize big data, and (2) our vision of the smart mobility society of the future, which is the key to realize seamless and comfortable transportation through connected vehicles with the Vehicle Control Interface and the Mobility Service Platform (MSPF).