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W2: Workshop on Optical Wireless Communication (OWC) - VTC2021-Fall

W2: Workshop on Optical Wireless Communication (OWC)

Workshop Organizer: Xu Li, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
Workshop Organizer: Chen Gong, University of Science and Technology of China
Workshop Organizer: Fang Yang, Tsinghua University,
Workshop Organizer: Julian Cheng, University of British Columbia

Abstract: Workshop on Optical Wireless Communication (OWC) in VTC 2021 Fall is a half-day workshop. The areas covered include but are not limited to optical devices, channel modeling and capacity, physical-layer communications, user access, and networking. The tentative programs include an invited talk on PHz Assisted 6G Communication, two sessions on indoor visible light communication and positioning, as well as outdoor optical wireless communication. Moreover, there will be a panel session on “Optical Wireless Communication + X”. Potential audiences include but are not limited to people working on 5G/6G wireless communications, optical wireless communications, underwater communication and networking, vehicular communications and networking, optical devices, and other related areas, both in academia and industrial areas.

Workshop Program
Part 1 – Opening / Welcome

Part 2 – Technical Paper – A Dual-Band Radio-Over-Fiber Link for Future 5G Communication System

Part 3 – Technical Paper – A Method of Fast M-type Approximation on Probabilistic Shaping for Optical Communication

Part 4 – Technical Paper – Efficient Line Coding for Low-Power Optical Wireless Communications

Part 5 – Technical Paper – Indoor 3D Visible Light Positioning With Millimeter Accuracy Based on Dual Cameras

Part 6 – Technical Paper – Information Theoretic Limits of Improved ACO-OFDM Receivers

Part 7 – Technical Paper – Large Spurious-free Dynamic Range RoF Link with Tunable CSR

Part 8 – Technical Paper – Preliminary Investigation of Air-to-Water Visible Light Communication Link Under Strong Ambient Light

Part 9 – Technical Paper – Throughput and Delay Performance of Cooperative HARQ in Satellite-HAP-Vehicle FSO Systems

Part 10 – Closing Remarks