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Guangyi Liu - VTC2021-Fall

Guangyi Liu

Chief Technology Officer of Wireless Department

Keynote Speaker

Title: How to define 6G?

Abstract: 5G’s global commercialization stimulates the research on 6G. 5G will facilitate the application of AI, IoT, cloud, big data and edge computing and accelerate the digitalization of the society. The vision of 2030 society is digital twin and ubiquitous intelligence. The digitalization of the society will create a digital world, the digital twin technology will be applied to create a digital-twin world, in which the physical world is mirrored to the digital world and the prevention to the physical world could be conducted based on the simulation and forecast from the digital world. That means we can forecast and change the future of the physical world. Meanwhile, intelligence will be provided as an enabler anywhere and anytime to make everything intelligent. Besides the traditional use cases supported by legacy mobile networks, many new use cases, e.g. holographic interaction, Synaesthesia internet, digital twin human, intelligence exchanging, super transportation, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent agriculture, etc. To support these use cases well, a comprehensive set of capabilities are required for different uses cases. On one hand, the traditional communication performance indicators, e.g. peak data rate, user experienced data rate, latency and reliability is demanded to be improved greatly, on the other hand, new dimension of the network capabilities are demanded, e.g. sensing, intelligence, security, trustworthy, computing, etc. To provide these capabilities on demand, 6G network will be designed with features of on demand fulfillment, soft, lite, native AI, native security and digital twin. Besides the aspects above, the other aspects referred to the 6G definition are also discussed in details, candidate spectrum and its utilization technology, space-air-ground integrated coverage, integrated sensing and communication, radio interface, autonomous network based on digital twin network and network architecture.

Bio: Dr. Guangyi Liu, received his PhD. from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in 2006. He joined China Mobile since 2006, now he is the leading specialist and 6G director of China Mobile Group. Before he joined China Mobile, he has worked for Shanghai Bell and Siemens (Now Nokia) for 3 years. He has led the standardization and industrialization of 4G and 5G in China mobile from 2007 to 2019. Now he is leading the research of 6G. He is also acting as the vice chair of THz and mm-wave industry alliance, and has acted as the chair of spectrum working group and coordinator of 5G eMBB program in Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI). He has been granted more than 150 patents, and authored and coauthored more than 8 books and published more than 150 papers in IEEE journal and conference