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Authors - VTC2021-Spring Helsinki

Track Descriptions

VTC2021-Spring is organized into 12 tracks covering all relevant technical areas:

1.   Antenna Systems, Propagation, and RF Design
2.   Signal Processing for Wireless Communications
3.   Green Communications and Networks
4.   Multiple Antennas and Cooperative Communications
5.   Vehicle Cooperation and Control, Assisted and Autonomous Driving
6.   Airborne and Maritime Mobile Systems and Services
7.   IoV, IoT, M2M, Sensor Networks, and Ad-Hoc Networking
8.   Spectrum Management, Radio Access Technology, Services and Security
9.   Positioning, Navigation, and Sensing
10. Machine Learning and AI for Communications
11. Electric Vehicles, Vehicular Electronics, and Intelligent Transportation
12. Emerging technologies, 5G and beyond