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Peiying Zhu - VTC2022-Fall - London/Beijing

Peiying Zhu

Senior Vice President of Wireless Research

Title: Future Massive MIMO Technologies for 5G-Beyond and 6G

Abstract: In this talk, we will first present the development of massive MIMO  technologies for the 5G and associated challenges. The overall system performance and antenna design-choice in terms of spectrum and channel propagation properties will be discussed. In particular, we will present the novel massive MIMO antenna design to achieve higher capacity with same antenna aperture size and the field trial results. Finally we will discuss the directions for the evolution of massive MIMO technology for 6G.

Bio: Peiying Zhu, Senior Vice President of Wireless Research, is a Huawei Fellow, IEEE Fellow and Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering. She is currently leading 6G wireless research and standardization in Huawei. The focus of her research is advanced radio access technologies. She is actively involved in 3GPP and IEEE 802 standards development. She has been regularly giving talks and panel discussions on 5G/B5G vision and enabling technologies. She led the team to contribute significantly to 5G technologies and standardization. She served as the guest editor for IEEE Signal processing magazine special issue on the 5G revolution and IEEE JSAC on Deployment Issues and Performance Challenges for 5G.

Prior to joining Huawei in 2009, Peiying was a Nortel Fellow and Director of Advanced Wireless Access Technology in the Nortel Wireless Technology Lab. She led the team and pioneered research and prototyping on MIMO-OFDM and Multi-hop relay. Many of these technologies developed by the team have been adopted into LTE standards and 4G products. Dr. Zhu has more than 200 granted patents.