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Workshops - VTC2022-Spring

Workshops - Deadline Extended to 23 March 2022

Workshops provide invaluable opportunities for researchers and industry practitioners to share their state-of-the-art research and development results in areas of particular interest. All workshops are now included in the registration fee, so there is no additional costs.

Authors have the opportunity to submit research papers to workshops for review and acceptance to be presented at the conference workshops.  The list of workshops are:

W1: 1st IEEE International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence enabled Autonomous Networks and Systems (IWAANETS 2022)
W2: 1st IEEE Workshop on Sustainable and Intelligent Green Internet of Things for 6G and Beyond
W5: Data Driven Optimization for 6G Wireless Networks
W6: Digital-twin-assisted AI for 6G wireless networking
W7: Distributed/Cell-Free Massive MIMO for Beyond 5G Networks
W8: Enabling Technologies for Terahertz Communications (ETTCOM)
W9: ExpCCAM: Experimental Approaches for Evaluating and Showcasing Low-Latency CCAM Applications
W10: Integrated Vehicular Sensing and Communications
W11: Integration of Sensing, Computing, and Communication in 6G Networks
W12: Localization and Sensing with Intelligent Surfaces for 6G Networks
W13: Technologies and Proof-of-Concept Activities for 6G 2022 (TPoC6G 2022)
W15: The 2nd Workshop on 5G-Enabled Safety and Support Services for Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility - CANCELLED
W16: Workshop on Edge-based AI Applications over B5G/6G Evolution
W18: Workshop on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Communications: Air Interface Design in 6G
W19: Workshop on Mission Critical Communications
W21: 2nd Workshop on Intelligent IoT Connectivity, Automation and Applications (ICA)



W3: 4th International Workshop on Decentralized Technologies and Applications for IoT (D’IoT) 2022
W4: 4th Workshop on Connected Intelligence for IoT and Industrial IoT Applications- C3IA
W14: The 11th International Workshop on High Mobility Wireless Communications (HMWC) 2022
W17: 1st IEEE Workshop on Electromagnetic Information Theory towards 5G-Advanced (5.5G EIT)
W20: Third Annual Workshop on Diversity and Inclusion
W22: The Ninth IEEE International Workshop on Security and Privacy for Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical systems (IoT/CPS-Security 2022)

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