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Conference Venue - VPPC 2021




La Laboral Culture City is a space that is open to all that is going on in the world of arts, research and new technologies. In this unique city, different expressions of culture and training co-exist on a daily basis in order to serve and act as a meeting point for those committed to knowledge, the sharing of experiences and innovation.

La Laboral is a space perfectly suited to meeting your company’s needs. Its multi-purpose and functional architecture is ideally suited to holding all types of business, cultural and social activities. The wide selection of rooms and halls inside this monumental building meet the needs of all those who wish to hold an event in a unique setting.

Only 3 km away from the historic city centre of Gijón, La Laboral Culture City is a magnificent venue in which to hold and organize any event.

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Image’s credits: Gijón Turismo