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Wireless Networks - VTC2019-Spring

Wireless Networks

May 1, 2019
4:00 PM  -  5:30 PM
Starhill 4

Session Details:

Paper 1: Adaptive Negotiation for Block Acknowledgment Session Management

 Authors: Kaoutar Abdelalim, Orange, France; Getachew Redieteab, Orange, France; Sandrine Destouet Roblot, Orange, France; and Karine Amis, IMT Atlantique, France

Paper 2: Analysis of Non-Pilot Interference on Link Adaptation and Latency in Cellular Networks

Authors: Raghunandan M Rao, Virginia Tech, United States;Vuk Marojevic, Mississippi State University, United States; and Jeffrey H Reed, Virginia Tech, United States

Paper 3: Experimental Validation of the Performance of Channel Prediction Algorithms in MU-MIMO-OFDM Downlink System

Authors: Maneesha Sharma, Queensland University of Technology, Australia; Dhammika Jayalath, Queensland University of Technology, Australia; Hajime Suzuki, CSIRO, Australia; and Chang Kyung Sung, CSIRO, Australia

Paper 4: Gaussian Process Regression for Feedback Reduction in Wireless Multiuser Networks

Authors: Samira Homayouni, Vienna University of Technology, Austria; Stefan Schwarz, Vienna University of Technology, Austria; and Markus Rupp, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Paper 5: Spectrum Efficient Support of IEEE 802.11ba in an IEEE 802.11ax Network

Authors: Miguel Lopez, Ericsson, Sweden; and Leif Wilhelmsson, Ericsson, Sweden

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