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Yuhong Huang - VTC2022-Fall - London/Beijing

Yuhong Huang

General Manager

Title: China Mobile’s view on roadmap and development guideline of 6G

Abstract: Towards the 6G vision of “Digital Twin, Ubiquitous Intelligence”, the next generation of mobile networks will integrate communication, sensing, computing, intelligence and security with the open architecture as the foundation. Driven by the new service and new industry demands, China Mobile has been actively investing in 6G R&D, and proposes research and development roadmap to 6G as well as six way-forward guidelines to lead the industrial consensuses on 6G development.  Through establishing 6G Co-Innovation Initiative, we wish to promote openness and cooperation among global partners as well as to advocate a globally-unified 6G standards and ecology.

Bio: Yuhong Huang, General Manager of China Mobile Research Institute, graduated from Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications and joined China Mobile in 1996. She is currently the General Manager of China Mobile Research Institute. She has participated in the technical and strategic research, standardization and test verification of numerous mobile systems including GSM900/1800, GPRS/EDGE, CMNet, WLAN, 3G and 4G TD-LTE. She is now leading the research and standardization of 5G and 6G, and is a board member of NGMN and the Secretary-General of Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI).