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Awards - VTC2021-Fall
VTC2021-Fall Award Winners

The Vehicular Technology Society is proud to announce that the award for the IEEE VTC2021-Fall Best Conference Paper was presented to Yanyu Zhang, Shukui Zhou, Xinpeng Rao; School of Artificial Intelligence at Henan University and the International Joint Research Laboratory for Cooperative Vehicular Networks of Henan for their paper titled “EV-Road-Grid: Enabling Optimal Electric Vehicle Charging Path Considering Wireless Charging and Dynamic Energy Consumption”.

The IEEE VTC2020-Fall Technical Program Committee also presented the Best Student Paper Award to Yiting Luo, Chengkai Lou and Fen Hou, University of Macau; Hongwei Ding and Bo Li, Yunnan University for their paper titled “Mobility-aware Pre-cache and Incentive Mechanism Design for Efficient D2D Data Offloading.”

These papers were chosen for awards due to the excellent and novel work by the authors.  Awards were presented during the virtual conference which was held virtually 27 September through 28 October 2021.  Congratulations to the winners!

The virtual awards ceremony can be viewed here: Coming soon!

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