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Industry Tracks - VTC2021-Fall

All biographies are at the bottom or the page.

Panel #1: Mobility 4.0 – National Integrated Intelligent Infrastructure

Panel Abstract:
“Investment in a 21st-century Intelligent & Autonomous Infrastructure
is among the highest priorities for stimulating economic expansion,
national security, and job growth.”  Major technological innovation
around autonomy is driving substantial industry and policy changes
around the globe.   These technological innovations are changing the
way we think about infrastructure this panel will discuss what will it
take to realize Mobility 4.0, from various perspectives and

Panel Chair:
Ken Stewart – CEO of NUAIR, Northeast UAS Airspace Integration and Research

Jeff DeCoux – Autonomy Institute of Technology
Rakesh Kushwaha – Managing Director at MITRE Corp, /Open Gen
Matt Metcalfe – Managing Director at Deloitte, Mobility and Aviation


Panel #2: Next Generation Mobile Radio: the transition from 5G to 6G

Panel Abstract:
While 5G systems are being deployed worldwide, making use of the 3GPP
defined Phase 1 and Phase 2 feature-sets, standardization bodies have
started to work on the definition of the so called ‘5G Advanced’
system in the 3GPP Release 18, to be frozen before the end of 2021.If
the finalization of the feature-set that will shape 5G Advanced is a
matter of months, what comes next is a matter of speculation. Several
white papers have recently appeared with the aim of shaping the
content of the forthcoming 6G system, which will be started to be
defined in standards bodies not before 2025. Therefore, there’s a gap
between the time windows of the definition of 5G Advanced and the
forthcoming 6G. This panel focuses on that gap, discussing some key
ingredients that can clarify what is in front of the intelligent
transport system ecosystem moving towards 6G. Renown experts, mainly
from industry but also from the academia, will pitch on selected
interesting research topics like the impact in mobility of the O-RAN
paradigm, of Artificial Intelligence, and of cellular communications,
also touching on security aspects.

Panel Chair:
Valerio Frascolla, Director Research and Innovation, Intel, Germany

Thorsten Wild (Nokia, DE: Head of Next Generation Wireless)
Maziar Nekovee (University of Sussex, UK: Professor of Telecoms and
Mobile Technologies, Dean of AI Institute)
Dan Warren (Samsung, UK: Director of Network Research)
David Soldani (UNSW of Syidney, AU: Professor)

Panelists Abstracts:

Thorsten Wild (Nokia, DE: Head of Next Generation Wireless)
Talk Title: V2X and cellular aspects of mobility

Maziar Nekovee (University of Sussex, UK: Professor of Telecoms and Mobile Technologies, Dean of AI Institute)
Talk Title: AI in mobile networks: implications on Intelligent transport system

Talk Abstract: 5G with its well-known ITU 2020 triangle of new capabilities, which not only include ultra-high speeds but also ultra-low latency, ultra-high reliability, and massive connectivity promise to expand the applications of mobile communications to entirely new and previously unimagined “vertical industries” and markets such as self-driving cars, smart cities, industry 4.0, remote robotic surgery, smart agriculture, and smart energy grids. The mobile communications system is already one of the most complex engineering systems in the history of

humankind. As 5G network penetrates deeper and deeper into the fabrics of the 21st century society, we can also expect an exponential increase in the level of complexity in design, deployment, and management of future mobile communication networks. Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), including deep neural networks and probability models, are creating paths for computing technology to perform tasks that once seemed out of reach. AI, therefore, offers many new opportunities  but also challenges to meet the enormous new challenges of design, deployment, and management of future mobile communication networks in the era of 5G and beyond, as we illustrate below using a number of current and emerging scenarios.

Dan Warren (Samsung, UK: Director of Network Research
Talk Title: O-RAN and the importance of the open-X paradigm



Panel #3: State-of-the-Art in Connected, Autonomous and Electric Vehicles

Panel Abstract: As vehicles are becoming more connected, autonomous and electric, what
are the trends and state-of-the-art in these areas?  How are the
vehicle manufacturers addressing this?  What more needs to be done to
achieve this vision? In this panel, speakers from industry will
discuss about how industry is tackling this and what consumers may
expect in the near future.

Panel Chair:
Alvin Chin, BMW Group Technology Office, USA

Onur Altintas,  (Toyota North America R&D Info Tech Labs)
Yue-Yun Wang (General Motors)
Adam Langton (BMW of North America)

Panel Program:

Introduction – Alvin Chin, BMW Group Technology Office USA
Panel Talk 1: Automation with Cooperation – Onur Altintas, Toyota
North America R&D InfoTech Labs
Panel Talk 2: Smart EV Energy Management for Enhanced User Experiences
– Yue-Yun Wang, General Motors
Panel Talk 3: BMW ChargeForward: Sustainability and Electric Vehicle
Charging – Adam Langton, BMW of North America
Panelist Questions – Alvin Chin
Panelist 1 Q&A – Onur Altintas
Panelist 2 Q&A – Yue-Yun Wang
Panelist 3 Q&A – Adam Langton
Conclusion – Alvin Chin




Panel #2 Chair Bio: Dr Valerio Frascolla (MSc and PhD in Electronic Engineering) is Director of Research and Innovation at Intel in Munich and had been working in different roles at Ancona University, Comneon, Infineon, as reviewer for the European Commission, and as independent evaluator for the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. He is in the advisory board of the projects LIPS, ULTRAWAVE, FORTE, and INTERCONNECT, and served in different roles in other 17 funded research projects.

Valerio has expertise in wireless systems architecture and requirements management, standards bodies attendance (3GPP, ETSI, IEEE), business aspects, project and program management, and coaching. He is author of 70+ publications, his main research interest being 5G advanced system design, with focus on spectrum management, AI, and edge technologies. He serves as reviewer for 30+ journals, has participated in the TPC of 80+ conferences, is Associated Editor of IET Quantum Communication, Managing Editor of ELSEVIER 2021 Optical Fiber Technology (Special Issue on “Fiber Optic for 5G”), Guest Editor of MDPI Sensors (Special Issue on ‘Experimentation in 5G and beyond networks: State of the art and the way forward‘), and has a track record as organizer of Special Sessions, Workshops, and Panels at international conferences.

Valerio represents Intel in several associations of the European ecosystem, being Board of Directors member of the BDVA association, serving in different leadership roles in 5G-IA, NetworldEurope, AIOTI, and the German Bitkom association.


Panel #2 Panelist Bio: Prof. Maziar Nekovee is Dean of the AI Institute and Head of Centre for Advanced Communications, Mobile Technology and IoT at University of Sussex, UK His current research focuses on  AI and THz communication for beyond 5G/6G and  the applications of 5G/6G and AI in the automotive, health and  other verticals.. Prior to joining U. Sussex in 2017, he was Head of Samsung’s European research and collaboration in 5G, where he developed new radio access technologies operating in millimetre-wave bands. Prior to Samsung he was with BT, where he worked on a range of fixed and wireless technologies, including cognitive radio/dynamic spectrum sharing, WiFi-based V2X, peer-to-peer and IP multicast. Maziar is the author of 120+ highly cited papers, 15 patents and one book. He has a PhD in Physics and a first degree in EEE, both from the Netherlands. He is chair of NetWorld Europe ETP, WG on Enabling Technologies and Verticals.


Panel #2 Panelist Bio: Dan Warren is Director of Advanced Network Research at Samsung Research UK. He leads a team of researchers working on cutting-edge mobile telecoms technology innovation, in the fields of 5G, Beyond 5G and the application of Artificial Intelligence. Dan applies his broad experience in the industry across technical, commercial, strategic and regulatory topics to steer Research towards relevant and commercially viable solutions. Dan is currently Chair of the Steering Board of the European Commission 5G-PPP, a Board member of 5GIA and a member of a number of External Advisory Boards for academic research projects.
Prior to joining Samsung, Dan held senior roles at Capita, GSMA, Vodafone and Nortel. Dan is a widely respected authority on Telecoms, having been included in Global Telecoms Business Magazine ‘Top 40 Under 40’ list for three years, and in Capacity Magazine’s ’20 Innovators to Watch’ in 2018. Dan holds a Ph. D. in Applied Mathematics from Brunel University.