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Markus Dillinger - VTC2021-Fall

Markus Dillinger

Representative of 5GAA

Keynote Speaker

Topic: C-V2X, Industrial 5G

Abstract: Markus Dillinger will underline the importance of industry eco-system building consisting of mobile network or campus operators, private operators, road operators, vertical industry stakeholders and end-users.
Summary of 5G requirements, 3GPP status  and  spectrum requirements is discussed. Moreover, market deployments with business and product aspects are outlined complementing technical aspects.
In addition, building blocks for 5G-Advanced and future visions for 6G are presented. This includes first new 6G paradigms, KPIs, spectrum views, basic technical enabler like AI, Integrated Sensing and Communications, Non-Terrestrial Networks, new trust concepts and expected time line for standardization and market introduction.