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Industry Track - VTC2021-Spring Helsinki
Monday – 26 April, 2021 Industry Panel

Industry Track Panel: 6G Architecture to connect the worlds

Abstract: Subsequent to short statements of impulse and direction from each of the panelists, the panel will discuss and explore how 6G architecture will impact and enhance augmentation of human intelligence, creation of new digital worlds and control of automatons. What are the new 6G architectural paradigms of relevance? How will architectural platform concepts enhance and transform value capture and sustainability in the 2030s? How open and standardized will 6G architecture be? Will there be new ways of co-creation across sectors and industries?

The following leaders of 6G technology and architecture have confirmed attendance:
Volker Ziegler, 6G Leadership, Nokia Bell Labs & CTO  – Moderator
Eric Hardouin, VP Orange Labs
Takehiro Nakamura, VP NTT DoCoMo
John Smee, VP Qualcomm
Linus Thrybom, ABB
You may view pictures and bios on the Speakers page.