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Workshops - VTC2021-Spring Helsinki


Workshop paper notifications extended to 8 February 2021

Workshops provide invaluable opportunities for researchers and industry practitioners to share their state-of-the-art research and development results in areas of particular interest. All workshops are now included in the registration fee, so there is no additional costs.

Authors have the opportunity to submit research papers to workshops for review and acceptance to be presented at the conference workshops.  The list of workshops are:

W1: Energy-Efficient Schemes for Beyond 5G
W2: The 2nd International Workshop on Intelligent Communication Network Technologies (ICNET)
W3: Symbiotic Radio Paradigm for Integrated Active and Passive Communications
W4: 5G-enabled safety and support services for cooperative, connected and automated mobility
W5: Connected Intelligence for IoT and Industrial IoT Applications (C3IA)
W6: Technologies and Proof-of-Concept Activities for 5G Evolution & Beyond 5G
W7: International Workshop on Smart Spectrum (IWSS 2021)
W8: Decentralized Technologies and Applications for IoT (D’IoT) 2021
W9: The 10th International Workshop on High Mobility Wireless Communications
W10: 3rd International workshop on Dependable Wireless Communications (DEWCOM)
W11: Broadband Connectivity in 6G: Towards Terabits-per-Second Communications - Cancelled
W12: Wireless Communication Technologies for Future Railway Systems

Submission Procedure

Workshop paper submission due EXTENDED: 10 January 2021
Acceptance notification: 31 January 2021
Final paper submission due Extended: 4 March 2021

To submit a paper:

Submission requirements: 5-page paper (without overlength charge) and up to 2 additional pages are allowed with the purchase of additional page charges in the amount of $100 USD per additional page at the time of registration and final paper submission. The conference template can be downloaded here: 

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