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Authors - VTC2020-Spring Antwerp

Track Descriptions

VTC2020-Spring is organized into 12 tracks covering all relevant technical areas:

  1. Signal Processing for Wireless Communication
    – Information fusion, signal analysis, waveform design and reception
  2. Applications of Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning
    – Network design, optimization, management
  3. Antenna Systems, Propagation, and RF Design
    – Distributed antenna systems, propagation, mmWave design
  4. Cognitive Radio and Dynamic Spectrum Access
    – Spectrum sensing, spectrum management, DSA experiments
  5. Multiple Antenna Systems and Cooperative Communication
    – MIMO, relaying, channel estimation and measurements, space-time coding
  6. Radio Access Technologies and Heterogeneous Networks
    – 4G/5G/6G radio access, Non-orthogonal multiple access, Small cells
  7. Green Communication and Networks
    – Energy-aware networks, Energy harvesting, Green data centers, Green IoT
  8. IoT, M2M, Sensor Networks and Ad Hoc Networking
    – IoT standards, PHY/MAC design for M2M, MTC for 4G/5G and beyond
  9. Wireless Networks: Protocol, Security and Services
    – Cooperative networks, Cross-layer design, Security and privacy in IoT
  10. GPS, Remote Sensing, Security and Non-terrestrial Networks
    – GPS, satellite, underwater networks, delay tolerant networks, localization, networking and cryptography, infrastructure protection, privacy
  11. Transportation, Vehicular Electronics and Telematics
    – Mobility models, traffic signaling, safety control, in-car electronics
  12. Wireless Healthcare
    – Hospital information technology, body area networks, body coupled communications.