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Industry Track - VTC2020-Spring Antwerp

Industry panels for IEEE VTC2020-Spring

Network Technologies – Panels 1.1 – 1.3

Panel 1.1: Broadband Connectivity
Schedule: Tue, May 26th, at 9:00 AM CEST (3:00 AM EDT)

Moderator: Michael Peeters
Wim Van Thillo, Pharrowtech
Björn Ekelund, Ericsson
Mikko Uusitalo, Nokia
Gerhard Fettweiss, Barkhausen Institute/TUD

Panel 1.2: Connectivity Challenges for Verticals
Schedule: Tue, May 26th, at 2:00 PM CEST (8:00 AM EDT)

Moderator: Michael Peeters
Fredrik Tilman, Ericsson
Frederic Van Durme, Acceleran
Mitch De Geest, Citymesh
Reinaldo Valenzuela, Nokia Bell Labs

Panel 1.3: Networks that Sense and Learn
Schedule:Thursday, May 28th, at 4:00 PM CEST (10:00 AM EDT)

Moderator: Christian Bachmann
Maarten Weyn, Aloxy
Sven Etzold, u-blox
André Noll Barreto, Barkhausen
Swetha Muniraju, Nokia Bell Labs

Future Information Society – Panels 2.1 – 2.3

Panel 2.1: 5G for the Industrial IoT
Schedule: Tuesday, June 2, at 5:00 PM CEST (11:00 AM EDT)

Moderator: Andreas Müller
Hans Schotten, DFKI
Yongbin Wei, Qualcomm
Sylvia Lu, u-blox
Hakim Achouri, Airbus,
Andreas Müller, Bosch / 5G-ACIA

Panel 2.2: AI/ML-Enabled Cognitive Connectivity Infrastructures
Wednesday, May 27th, 5:00 PM CEST (11:00 AM EDT)

Moderator: Andreas Müller
Henning Sanneck, Nokia
Masoud Sajadieh, Intel
Slawomir Stanczak, Fraunhofer HHI
Petar Popovski, Uni Aalborg
Mehmet Yavuz, Celona

Panel 2.3: Smart Cities: Reality or Still a Decade Away?
Thursday, June 4, at 5:00 PM CEST (11:00 AM EDT)

Moderator: Bamidele Adebisi, Manchester Metropolitan University
Ljupco Jorguseski, TNO
Ingrid Van de Voorde, Nokia
Martine Tommis, Manchester City Council

Future disruptive technologies – Panels 3.1 – 3.3

Panel 3.1: Towards Global Connectivity: Emerging and Future Aerial Backhaul and Access Solutions
On Demand

Moderator: Mohamed-Slim Alouini
David Gallimore, Airbus Defence and Space
Mario Neri, Telesat International Limited
Tomaso de Cola, German Aerospace Center
Hasan Malik, Cloud Asset
Andrew Faiola, ST Engineering iDirect


Panel 3.2 – CANCELLED


Panel 3.3: The future of Intelligent Transport System – what’s in front of us?
Schedule: May 28 from 6:00 PM  CEST (12:00 AM EDT)

Moderator: Valerio Frascolla
Johann Marquez-Barja – IMEC – Belgium
Zièd Bahrouni – MOTIUS – Germany
Mehrdad Dianati, University of Warwick
Nicola Ciulli, Nextworks